Senior Software Engineer (Go & C++)

May 16
Location requirement:

We are looking to fill multiple Senior Software Engineer openings, we are seeking engineers who are passionate about technical excellence and have comprehensive experience with high performance and quality solutions.

Currently hiring for the Bidder project: Low latency and high performance application that processes auctions in a RTB ecosystem.

Key Skills

  • In depth knowledge of distributed system principles
  • Strong monitoring philosophy and metric driven approach
  • Devops attitude - taking the code to production (Docker, k8s, monitoring, etc)

Key Technical Skills

  • Very strong programming skills - Go (min 2 years) and C++ (min 2 years)
  • >9 years of software engineering experience
  • Knowledge of relational (Postgres, MySQL) and non-relational databases (Cassandra, DynamoDB, ScyllaDB, Aerospike, Slowflake)
  • Experience using caching or in-memory data stores (Redis, MemSQL, RocksDB)
  • Experience building cloud applications (AWS, Azure, GCP, Docker, k8s)

Bonus experience

  • Binary communication protocols (Protobuf, gRPC, Avro)
  • Real Time Bidding (RTB), AdTech, High Frequency Trading (HFT) experience

Client Description

Our Client is a company hiring over 700 employees, headquartered in NYC, the company operates a large RTB exchange and multiple other supporting services.

Client takes great care of engineer happiness and puts great value on technical excellence, they understand that it takes time to do things right and value that over half-backed solutions.

Remote full-time contractors are invited to visit company HQ 1-2 times per year - all expenses are paid.

All positions are 100% remote, contractors in Poland will work directly as team members of distributed teams.

Hiring Process

  • Formal CV verification and initial call to discuss the offer, introduce the client in more detail, answer all Candidate questions
  • Initial call with the Hiring Manager to describe the job in more detail, initial technical verification
  • Take-home test
  • Technical Interview
  • Final decision


  • 100% Remote position
  • Occasional (1-2 times per year max) visits to NYC Headquarters (fully paid)
  • Other types of contracts are also possible (Umowa o dzieło lub o pracę)
  • For candidates exceeding requirements we are happy to offer higher compensation

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Tags: go c++ senior developer aws azure gcp docker k8s rocksdb memsql redis postgresql mysql cassandra dynamodb scylladb aerospike slowflake poland europe

22 000 - 28 000 PLN
+ VAT per month

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