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Posted: Feb 19
Location: Remotely

Reef Technologies is a fully remote Python backend software houseWe are a small, agile and multicultural company that offers flexible working hours and place. You can work with us no matter where you live: from home, rented office or a small beach far away from the crowd.

Who are we looking for (CV is not required!):

Are you an experienced Python Developer who is able to create high-quality code? If you are fed up with working on boring, repeatable projects, working every day from 9 till 5 or just looking for a new career challenge - then you are the type of person we are looking for! We do believe that atmosphere at work matters a lot and so we value your attitude towards communication skills; being honest, humble and respectful of others. While working with us, you will have to communicate freely in English, so we need you to speak and write at least at the B2 Level.

We are not interested in partnership with recruitment agencies

About us in more details:

There are three types of information you will find about our company in this job offer: 
project types, team and organization.

1. Project types

  • we work with startups and SMBs (small/medium businesses) from Canada, USA and UK
  • the demand for our services is extremely high, so we get to pick and choose the most interesting projects. We reject more offers than we accept (unlike most of our competition which accepts everything)
  • every engineer gets a call from the CEO before starting a project with a question: "Do you want to work on it?" and often the answer is "no", so we reject that job and put that engineer on something else
  • various project lengths, from exciting learning-heavy projects that last just a few hours to long-term projects that go on for years 
  • 1.1 Recent examples of projects:
    • electrical vehicle charging station management system for a startup based in Germany
    • financial data warehouse which aggregates over 31 000 time series into a couple of hundred charts for a fintech company  from London
    • AI video content analyzer/searcher for drone pilots from Detroit, MI
    • two e-commerce applications for a customer from Washington, DC
    • Bitcoin derivatives trading bot for a customer from Boston, MA
    • sales data analysis tool for a fintech company from Chicago, IL
    • hydrant certification report generator for Australian plumbers
    • paper product level tracker for toilet cleaners from Canada
    • revenue optimizer for a large private GPU compute clusters in North America
    • crypto-exchange clients for a fintech company from Pittsburgh, PA
    • download accelerator for a cloud storage provider from San Mateo, CA
    • shopify integration for an innovative healthcare company from Canada

2. Team

  • our engineers have 8 to 16 years of experience. Senior staff only.
  • we have a high culture of tool-assisted code review
  • we design systems in a group to get the highest quality early on, then we implement most of the product separately, cooperating on the hardest parts
  • vast experience makes us deliver stable solutions, so we don't really have anything urgent to fix, ever
  • CEO (Paweł Polewicz) takes care of the sales, customer relationship management, bureaucracy and so on, but also writes code with us, reviews code etc (watch his 30-minute-talk - Startup v2 @ AgileByExample Light conference)

3. Organization

  • no managers. We have a shared decision-making process called Sociocracy 3.0, that ables us to decide in a group - so everyone has a voice. It usually takes 1h per week. The quality of decision is off this world
  • communication via Slack and Zoom
  • no office. Everyone works remotely (we cover reasonable coworking space expenses, help buy hardware)
  • work when you want to. Night owl? OK. An early morning bird? OK. Nobody really keeps track of this (except for a payroll bot)
  • somehow we find some overlap between us to talk
  • there are proper contingencies set up for ensuring the stability of the company. We haven't had any issues in years
  • when low on projects, we get paid to do some opensource work (but last time it happened was in January 2018 as the stream of projects is pretty steady)

In summary, you'll work for startups of your choice, with smart people, when you want to. You'll control your environment with the rest of the group.

You can also find out more about us and our policy from Reef Technologies Handbook and Clutch profile.

Sounds interesting? Just apply.

Link to Your Github account or LinkedIn profile is enough to apply for the job (CV is not mandatory). Just inform us how many years of experience with Python you have.

How our recruitment process looks like:

  • 1st step: 30-minute-video-interview via
    The interview consists of 2 parts:
    • checking your English speaking skills
    • checking your coding skills (small task)
  • 2nd step: test mini-project
    After completing this you will get code review feedback, whether you pass it or not.
    We respect your time & expertise so after hiring you we will pay for your work on test mini-project too.
  • 3rd step: video call with Paweł Polewicz (CEO Reef Technologies)
  • Final step: paid test month
    If both sides are happy with the collaboration  => Welcome at Reef Technologies

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4 800 - 7 200 USD
+ VAT per month

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