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@ Frontastic

Posted: Mar 18
Location: Remote

Frontastic is looking for a PHP Backend Developer (f/*/m) as full-time or part-time employee or freelancer. We’re a remote-first company currently operating in the Europe/Berlin timezone. Your responsibility will be building and maintaining Frontastic’s API Integrations.

Frontastic is unique in connecting multiple headless systems to a single frontend and making this interaction configurable by Frontend Managers. We maintain abstractions for the most important domain concepts and will continuously integrate more headless backends. These integrations must be resilient, maintainable, observable and extensible and are integrated in our backend for frontend (Catwalk). You can introspect existing implementations here:

This isn’t a junior position, which doesn’t mean you must have worked in this role before. In any case, you’re aware of your technical ambassador talent and are able to excite people.

What You’ll do

  • Maintain and improve existing API integrations
  • Maintain, extend and improve API abstraction test framework
  • Implement new API integrations or coordinate development of these with external teams or inside customer projects
  • Work together with Operations and Professional Services to ensure observability and resilience of the API integrations

Who You are

You have existing experience with building API integrations in PHP and understand that backwards compatibility and consistency is essential when building software that a large number of customers will base their projects on. You’re aware that external APIs might not always respond and there are always potential networking issues involved and you have ideas on how to handle these and are ready to implement the relevant measures into our infrastructure.

You’re motivated to work from your home office or a co-working space and able to structure your work day accordingly. That’s what makes you special:

  • Deep knowledge of handling external APIs over various protocols (REST(ful), GraphQL, ...)
  • Awareness of issues which occur in high load production setups when software is based on the data of external APIs
  • An understanding of the requirements of working in software development (quality assurance, testing, monitoring)
  • You have a completed education and at least 3 to 5 years of professional experience as a Backend Developer or in a comparable field
  • You reside and work in Europe
  • You have good writing and communication skills in English

What we offer

Our team strives to improve themselves following these guidelines:

  • We offer a friendly learning environment and try hard not to blame anyone for not knowing something and actively encourage mentoring of your peers.
  • We use practices like pair programming, test driven development when it makes sense and continuously refactor our code to constantly share knowledge and keep the amount of technical debt low.
  • The same goes for us as a company, we continuously refactor our rules and guidelines. Overall, we have a very transparent, helpful, warm, familiar employee culture.
  • We’re a remote-first company with regular meetings in-person. We use tools like email, Hangouts and Slack to stay in touch during our daily work.

We’re an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We don’t discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. If we receive job applications from yet underrepresented groups those applications will be preferred.

Compensation & How to Apply

For this particular job we are offering to pay between €40.000 to €70.000 based on experience and skills. Optionally, you can get Virtual Shares from our Virtual Shares Options Program (VSOP) as part of your compensation.

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40 000 - 70 000 EUR
+ VAT per year

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