Remote Frontend Engineer
@ Timeular

Posted: Nov 22
Location: Vienna / Austria / Remote

Hi there,

Timeular is on a mission to enable a more healthy and rewarding work-life for 10M+ people through better time management. 70,000 users have done so already.

We are looking for an experienced frontend engineer passionate about creating applications that are fast and simple to use.

You will be working closely with our backend, frontend, eCommerce developers, and QA engineers using Electron, CSS, Typescript, React, React Native, Redux and Rust.

The first couple of months you'll be working on:

  • Gaining confidence and familiarity with our frontend (web, mobile, desktop - depends on your preference)
  • Ship new features, remove unnecessary ones and solve bugs
  • Write snapshot and unit tests with Jest
  • Guide our QA people to test your implementations
  • Help discover issues to be tackled along the user journey
  • Suggest solutions to solve the issues and improve the daily life for ten thousands of people
  • Contribute to our open-source projects and maybe create new ones
  • Help our support team in case they get stuck in a challenging support case
  • Potentially open source and maintain useful parts of our apps

We know you can’t perform at your best from day one because everything is new and there is a lot of information to absorb first. That’s why you’ll get assigned an onboarding buddy right after joining Timeular to assist you while getting started with your new challenges and all the questions you might have along the way.

The minimum requirements are that you have already worked on at least one SaaS product with a couple thousands users as a frontend engineer and that you're a great team-player and communicator. Additionally, we only accept applications from people who live within UTC-5 (US east coast/Peru) to UTC+2 (Western Europe/Egypt) otherwise it will be too hard to schedule an occasional meeting with everyone.

Our way to work

  • 18 fully distributed people from 9 different countries and cultures. We do not discriminate on the basis of any factor and are looking to increase our diversity even more.
  • Communicate a lot asynchronously in written form without the urgency to respond to everything immediately. Mainly through Slack, Notion, and Gitlab.
  • Direct, honest and transparent culture
  • 40h workweek is enough, no nightshifts, plenty of uninterrupted time to focus
  • Few meetings, meeting free Thursday, but lot's of opportunities to bond remotely
  • Respect time: we show up, deliver, and proactively communicate in time. We respect everyone's private time unless there is a real (real, real, ...) urgency
  • Work when and where you want from UTC-5 (US east coast/Peru) to UTC+2 (Western Europe/Egypt)
  • Use quarterly OKRs to focus on what matters most and learn from our assumptions
  • Meet 3 times a year in one place for a team retreat (during the pandemic they are virtual)

What we pay and offer you to live a healthy life outside of work

  • After one year of working full-time at Timeular you can participate in the employee stock option pool.
  • Work where and when you want. You control your time.
  • 50 days of paid holidays (including national holidays) because we’ve learned that time off is the best source for great ideas. In case you don't want so many days off so you can choose to get 40 for +5% salary instead.
  • Three paid team retreats per year to spend an incredible time together discovering unique locations and amazing food. All costs covered. Now during the pandemic we host them virtually and it's still a lot of fun.
  • Paid parental leave and flexibility to adapt your work schedule to your family schedule.
  • Quarterly achieved objectives will be rewarded with 500€ - 1000€/quarter to invest in your health, growth, and workplace.

About the application process

We don’t need resumes, we care about who you are today, what you have achieved so far and where do you want to go. And we don’t believe in time-consuming cover letters. We believe asking you specific questions is easier than writing a cover letter.

Our application process is pretty simple: we start by asking you a few questions in written form, you answer them the best you can, we read it and, if we like it, we jump on a call to get to know each other better. If that goes well, we do a test period so we both can verify our expectations and if we both agree, you’re in.

As we always get many applications it might take some time till we get back to you after having evaluated all the applications but we will get back.

Make your time count with us, 

Team Timeular

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64 000 - 88 000 EUR
+ VAT per year

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